"Christmas Cheer for Santa's Boys and Girls" - Home of Peace, Kuala Lumpur

This year for Christmas we wanted to spread some Joy to the Children of 'Home of Peace Kuala Lumpur'- a Shelter for Children from underprivileged backgrounds. However, due to the current pandemic, we were not allowed to have any physical engagement with the children.
Of course, in the spirit of the season, we couldn’t just let it end there so we contacted the caretaker Ms Justine and had a chat with her over the phone- a very sweet lady I must add. Ms Justine had agreed to share a Christmas Wishlist of the 17 children they currently house, from ages 3 to 19.
So, with the list deliberately segregated- so as not to miss anyone, and with our Christmas headgear on🎄  – make believing we were Santa’s elves, (yes, we took it very seriously! 😊) - off we were, to fulfill this important mission!!🦾🦾
Approximately 4 hours later, with sore feet, and definitely a few calories lesser (we hoped), we managed to cross out the entire List!!! Yay!! Massive success!!
Each gift was wrapped beautifully in our very own ‘Santa’s Workshop’ then topped with  a personalised hand written message for each Child.

Two days before Christmas, with an entourage of 3, we proceeded to make the delivery of gifts, along with some undergarments and daily necesseties to the Home. 

It was a real honour to have met Ms Justine. The work that she continuously does, and her unconditional love for the children is exemplary and simply admirable.

We spoke briefly about their plans for Christmas. Ms Justine explained that it will be a quiet one this year, starting off with an online Christmas Mass followed by some indoor activities with the children. She will also be cooking up a storm the following day.

She expressed that they are a little sad this year, as they will not be able to carry out their yearly ritual of taking a bus ride with the children around the city to see  Christmas lights but on the bright side, She was rather relieved that they did not have to wake up at wee hours of the day to prepare everyone for an outing- a somewhat chaotic affair which would take up a day's worth of planning.

She was very pleased with our visit and expressed her utmost gratitude to all of us. 

Although we wont be able to physically witness and share the joy with the children during Christmas, we hope they will have a fun and blessed one!

Christmas has and always will be about sharing, giving and caring, and while things might be a little different this year, we’re just glad we still managed to spread some joy!!

We hope next year will be a better one for all of us, meanwhile, enjoy the time with your loved ones

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Full video below 

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