#SorellaWithLove CSR - Go Green & Animal Shelter

We can't change a rescue dog's past, but we can rewrite its future. 🫰🏻 We visited two animal shelters with some needed support, painted their home and spent a wonderful time with our fur friends. For every dog and cat waiting in a shelter like this, we believe the perfect family for them is out there. Adoption is welcome and feel free to pay them a visit! 💕


Animal Shelters:

🐶 Second Chance – Hulu Langat

🐶 MIAR – Semenyih



We are continuously doing our best part as a part to bring more attention and awareness to save our planet and make it greener and cleaner for the next generation. Recently, we had a great time while fulfilling our #GoGreen initiative. May our little effort be a model towards this vital movement.

Sorella with Love ❤️

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