"Feed the Soul" - Shan Ai Handicapped and Welfare Home, Cheras

On 25th of November 2020, we paid a visit to an NGO called Shan Ai Handicapped and Welfare Home in Cheras, where they housed about 12 elderly, some of whom are handicapped. We distributed some lunch boxes and also donated some basic necessities including rice, milo and some meehoon.

We also managed to spend some time with the old folks, talking and getting to know them a little. They really enjoyed sharing their stories.

One particular ‘Aunty’ who insist we called her “Popo Lim” really took the time to share her life experience. As we sat and listened closely, nodding and laughing, we could see her face just light up. If not for us having to leave, we were certain she could have gone on and on.

As we slowly made our way out, she was sure to show us a good farewell with some strong waves-  the best she could managed from her wheel chair anyway. It was so touching and it just proves to show, that besides all the things money can buy, sometimes all they need, is our time and attention.

As we continue our crazy busy lives- chasing that promotion, pleasing our bosses, buying that big house, planning our future.. we should not forget the ones who brought us into this world in the first place, and remember-  Just like “Popo Lim” all they want is some affection. So even if it’s through the phone, Pick it up and spend 2 minutes with them today!

Full video of our visit below

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