IWD 2021 - 'In-Sight' the home of a successful womanprenuer.

Women entreprenuership has led to a major social change, making women financially empowered and independent.

In light of the growing number of female entrepreneurs in Malaysia, we decided to show our support, to one such inspiring woman.

We invited ourselves into the home of a beautiful entrepreneur, Ms Sabby Mustafa, founder of #CamilobySabby and #DariDapurCabinCrewMalaysia, not only to become her helper for the day but to discover how this Power Woman single handedly does it all.

Throughout our time there, Sabby shared with us that she has been living her ‘sky high’ dream, quite literally, as a cabin crew for the past 15 years. However, when the aviation industry was badly affected by the recent pandemic, she was one of the many who ended up on the side lines.

Sabby figured she had to come up with another stream of income to support herself and her 2 young children. So, without wasting time she started experimenting in her kitchen using every ounce of baking knowledge acquired from her Mom, and by adding her very own “Sabby twist”, came up with some unique and delicious cakes – branding it: Camilo by Sabby. Most of her cakes are steamed and not baked as Sabby reckons this gives a better texture and flavor to her cakes. Most importantly with her trademark being “not too sweet”, she manages to fulfill the trend these days of being health conscious and while she has only recenltly started, she is already a main supplier to multiple cafes around KL.

We at Sorella with Love were so grateful to have spent a day with such an inspiring woman and we wish Sabby Mustafa all the best in here future endeavours.

Although during this trying time, Sabby may not be able to fly, her dreams for Camilo by Sabby will remain sky high!

Did we make it or break it as Sabby's helper? Watch it here: 

Ultra moist Chocolate Cake by @Camilo by Sabby 

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